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Fifth Sense

The charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders.

Fifth Sense was established in 2012 by Duncan Boak, who lost his sense of smell as the result of a head injury in 2005. Fifth Sense has grown rapidly since then and is  the first charity in the UK supporting smell and taste disorder sufferers, providing a signpost to potential diagnosis and treatment, and playing a leading role in educating society on the huge role that the sense of smell plays in our lives.


A Girl Who Can't Smell

IG: @girlwhocantsmell

Online Anosmia support group! She creates humor around Anosmia through sharing her own personal funny stories and teaching others about living with Anosmia. Check out her Facebook Group as well as her IG for more! 


AbScent’s mission is to support the community of those who are living with smell disorders to find a better quality of life. This includes patients, care teams and health care professionals. Together with your stories and participation, we are exploring the nature and impact of smell disorders to discover and develop real-world practical solutions to the challenges we share.



The Smell and Taste Association of North America

We are a patient advocacy group formed in 2020 to improve the quality-of-life for people with smell and taste disorders since we recognize that the loss of taste or smell can affect health, safety and emotional well-being. We seek to expand research, education and treatments for people living in North America who are experiencing the invisible loss of these senses.



Dia is a storyteller and performer. She loves telling the story. As the storyteller for ezjoLife, she drives the story. 

EZ  is pronounced "es yo" which is Hungarian for "you good?".

She can't smell! She has a the super cool and rare version of "isolated congenital anosmia" which means that she was BORN without the ability to smell. But yes, she cooks! And she shares her experiences through her YouTube and website. 

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